Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cling wrap!

Christmas is over so it was time to get rid of the red and green nails. For this manicure I wanted to try a technique that I hadn't used before. I settled on cling wrap marbling. It's an extremely easy technique with a really unique result. 

I went to Forever 21 today and thought about getting a Love & Beauty nail polish. I left with four. Ha ha. I used one for the base color.

This is Love & Beauty Light Blue. It's a bit on the sheer side so this is three coats. Pretty. :)
Then, to top it off with the second color. OPI Alpine Snow.

A few dabs with a wad of cling wrap and viola! Marble! I love the way this looks. Hubby loves it, too. That means it's a keeper. :)

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