Friday, December 28, 2012

My mommy's manicure!

When we decided to come to Tennessee to see my family, I already had in mind to do my sister's and my mom's nails. My sister and I were sitting in the kitchen planning out her manicure and I ended up doing mom's. She wanted to try a tape manicure for the first time. She chose the base colors. They were all Wet n Wild fastdry. Then we taped off half of each nail at a diagonal and painted the second layer.

The colors are Buffy the Violet Slayer (left thumb and right pinky), How I Met Your Magenta (left index), FuchsiaRama (left middle and right ring), The Wonder Yellows (right index and left pinky), (right ring), Sage in the City (left middle), and Teal or No Teal (right thumb, unpictured). The white is OPI Alpine Snow. This was something different for my mom and she really likes the way they look. I do, too. Plus, it was really fun doing my mom's nails. 

Tomorrow, I'll post my sister's nails. *SPOILER* They will be Doctor Who and Harry Potter themed. :D

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