Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Water Marbling Play

Before I take off a manicure, sometimes I like to practice different nail art techniques on them. Yesterday, I was working on my water marbling. Those who have tried it know, water marbling can be a pain. It is so easy to screw up, it's messy, and it's unbelievably time consuming. I have yet to master the water marbling technique but I'm getting better.

So today, I did a full-on water marble manicure. I thought I'd go with a Christmas color scheme. I started with a base color.

I used Essie Imported Champagne. It's fairly sheer so I had to use three coats for decent opacity. I love this color. Then, on to the tedious task of water marbling.

The colors I marbled with are the Imported Champagne, Essie Wicked, and OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow. This is my left hand...
...and this is my left thumb. 
Don't mind my middle finger nail there. I may have aimed poorly. I love the thumb nail. It looks like a twisty type of french manicure.
  This is my right hand...
...and this is my right thumb. I love the way this entire hand turned out. I smudged the ring finger a bit but it still looks great. 

I love this manicure. Worth the time and patience it took. I might keep this one for a bit. :)

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