Saturday, December 15, 2012


Last night was movie night with the girls. The gorgeous Heather brought over her collection of nail polish to play with. After finding the pictures of my old manis, I decided to do another splatter mani. They are so much fun. Unbelievably messy, though. Still, the end result is totally worth it. Unfortunately, I was distracted when I was doing my nails so I forgot to take pictures during the process.

I started by painting my nails, all but the ring finger, with one of Heather's polishes. Milani Neon in Dude Blue. It's a nice bright shade of blue and the formula was pretty nice. It does linger though, and it stained my skin just a bit. Anyway, on the ring finger nail I used OPI Alpine Snow. The pink is OPI That's Berry Daring. To do the splatters, I just dipped a straw into a small puddle of polish and blew through the other end, splashing to color onto the nails. It's very imperfect and you never know what designs you'll get. Fabulous, right? I wish I had taken pictures before I finished, though. I ended up with nail polish EVERYWHERE! It was all over and between my fingers, on my palm, on my shirt. Everywhere! So worth it, though!


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