Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fancy a drink, anyone?

I wanted to get a few new Essie nail polishes today so I went to Ulta. I was looking through the Essies and immediately one color caught my eye. Mojito Madness! This is one of the most gorgeous shades of green I've ever seen! It's the perfect compromise between a pastel and a neon. The other color I picked up is Splash of Grenadine. It's a pretty dusty pinkish/purplish shade.I love that they both have names related to drinks. Both of these colors are unlike any other in my collection so I wanted to use them both immediately!

Other than Mojito Madness and Splash of Grenadine, I used NYC French White Tip. I love the polka dot nails, even though they look like Easter eggs. My favorite, though, is the color blocking on my thumb. I did that last and now I wish I had done a whole color blocking manicure. Another time, maybe.

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