Monday, May 6, 2013

Needle Marbling and an Experiment

I wanted to do a needle marble and thought it would be fun if hubby picked out the colors for me. I told him to pick out a good Spring color combination. He really likes all of the colors in my Julep collection so that's what he headed for. 

The three colors he chose are Niecy (pink), Robin (blue), and Rebel (silver holographic). I mixed up the color combo just to add a little more fun to the manicure. I really like the way this turned out.

This manicure inspired me to do a little experiment. I wondered how needle marbling would work with a textured polish. So I tried it out.

This is OPI Vesper (from the Bond Girl line of Liquid Sands) and I swirled in Butter London Trustafarian. I love the way the colors contrast. I don't consider this experiment a success. The thickness of Vesper kept Trustafarian from swirling as easily and smoothly as it should have. Hubby thinks it looks cool but I don't care for it. I am known for being overly critical of myself, though. Ha ha. Oh well. I'll wear it anyway.

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