Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I was looking through my stash and came across a polish that I haven't used in forever and, quite frankly, I forgot I had. OPI Metallic 4 Life! It inspired me to do a black and white mani!

The white is NYC French White Tip and the stamping is done in Art Club Black in a design from BM-205. I used Metallic 4 Life for the accent nails. Here's the thing about M4L. It has a ton of glitter but it is SOOO thick. Yet, because of the jelly base, you need 3+ coats for full opacity. A problem easily solved, though. I started with a single coat of Sally Hansen Black out and then topped it with just one coat of M4L. The beautiful thing about it is that, with even one coat, you get a dense, evenly distributed layer of glitter!

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