Saturday, May 25, 2013

Glitter, glitter, everywhere.

I had been planning this manicure for Trisha for a couple of weeks now. We just didn't get a chance to make it happen until today. 
I started with a base coat of Butter London The Full Monty on all nails. On her pinky, middle, and index finger, I did two coats of Julep Vivien. On her ring finger and thumb, I made a cross with striping tape and then painted over it with Essie Bikini So Teeny and removed the tape. Lastly, I topped the cross nails with Wet n Wild The Gold and the Beautiful. The colors look fantastic together and there is sooo much sparkle! Also, it looks great on Trisha and she likes it. Win-win!

For me, I just wanted to use some of the polishes in my collection that I haven't tried out. I got the Julep May Mystery Box the other day and it contained SIX POLISHES! One of which is Charlotte.
Charlotte is just the loveliest lavender creme. I paired it with Pure Ice Sheer Luck. I had to use four or five coats of Sheer Luck for full opacity but I used a couple coats of glue first for hassle free removal later.

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