Monday, April 1, 2013


So, in our household, we are huge fans of baseball. Huge. Well, today is opening day for the baseball season. It's a big deal. At least it is to us. Ha ha! We, and a lot of our closest friends, are really excited. The beginning of the baseball season signifies that summer is right around the corner. That means beautiful weather, cookouts, hot days or cool nights at the ballpark.

Anyway, my manicure today is baseball themed.

The chicken drumstick on my index finger is supposed to be a baseball bat. Ha ha! The base color on my index to pinky nails is NYC French White Tip. The baseball bat is in Sally Hansen Slick Slate. The threads on the baseballs are in Art Club Red. The baseball mitt is also Slick Slate along with OPI Berlin There Done That. For the MLB logo on my thumb nail, I used Art Club Red and OPI Blue My Mind for the base. I used Art Club White to do the detail work. Yay! Baseball and nail polish!!!

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