Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have always loved galaxy manicures. I've tried one on myself before but I wasn't happy with the results. A while after that, I did it on a friend's nails and was much more pleased. So, today I thought it was high time I tried on myself again. Boy oh boy am I glad that I did!
Aren't they fantastic? Oh, I love them! I got a bit carried away; I ended up using eight nail polishes! I just kept sponging them on. Here they are outdoors in direct sunlight!

Here's everything I used:
Base color - Sally Hansen Black out
Sponging colors - ORLY High on Hope, Art Club Neon Green, ORLY Fancy Fuchsia, NYC French White Tip, OPI Suzi & the Seven Dusseldorfs, NYC Blue Moon
Stars - NYC French White Tipe (large), loose white pearl glitter (small)

For a touch more sparkle, I also threw on a coat of Nubar 2010.

Aaah! I couldn't be happier! Don't they just make you want to explore the depths of space?

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  1. i love the nails....awesome!!! however, that was a super cheesy post! shame on you! haha jk LOVE YA!