Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dotting tools!!!

Last night was movies and manicures night again. We took a break from the Disney movies and watched some Ellen Degeneres stand up comedy, instead. We had a few laughs and played with some polishes.

I did Heather's nails first.

This was a very simple, very quick design. We used Essie Case Study on every nail except the the ring finger. There we used Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. Then, we used Case Study and a few dotting tools to accent.

Trisha requested something turquoise. Other than that, she let me do what I wanted. I used Julep Marion on every nail. I accented her ring finger with a sweeping french tip in Sally Hansen Celeb City. Then, I used a dotting tool and Wet n Wild Disturbia to add a few polka dots.

For my nails, I was accidentally inspired by a color combination. I was trying to decide on a base color for my design. On my plastic sheet, I painted on a little  NYC French White Tip, Funky Fingers Cyclone Sky, and Wet n Wild Private Viewing. I loved these colors together so much. They reminded me of the 50s which inspired this sort of mod pattern.

I used Private Viewing for the base. I then added stripes using French White Tip and Cyclone Sky and used a dotting tool with the same colors. Lastly, I used a smaller dotting tool with Private Viewing.  I think this turned out amazing.

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