Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Marble

Since I already did my super Eastery design yesterday, I thought I'd just do something fun with some spring colors. I decided on a quick cling wrap marble.

I used Funky Fingers Cyclone Sky for the base color. I let that dry thoroughly and then added OPI Suzi and the Seven Dusseldorfs. I love these colors together. The pastel swirled with the jewel toned purple. It's light without being TOO airy. Also, I love cling wrap marbling because, if you take up too much or not enough of the second color, you can always dab more color on. 

By the way, don't mind my mishapen index finger nail. I had a nasty break and I just refuse to chop my nails down that short. So, I'll just deal with uneven nails.

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