Sunday, March 17, 2013

Manicures and Movies

Once again, it's been a while since my last post. So, let's get this under way.

I started this manicure knowing that I wanted to play with striping tape and I wanted to do some neon work. I used a couple coats of NYC French White. I dug through my polishes and could only find four colors that I thought would work together. I used Sally Hansen Blue Me Away (thumb), Art Club Neon Green (index finger), Art Club Daytona (middle finger), and Funky Fingers Power Play (pinky). On my ring finger, I used all four colors. I sponged the colors on all of my nails to soften the colors a bit. I love the way this looks. Hubby loved it, too. <3

Friday night was Disney Movie night with the ladies so, of course, I have their manicures to share.

Heather had an exact manicure in mind. I wish I had the link so that I could show you the inspiration photo. We didn't change a thing except for the color choice. She wanted neons. 

The base is NYC French White Tip. The colors are almost identical to my manicure. Art Club Neon Green and Daytona, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and Fuchsia Power. She was really happy with the results and so am I. It has a little bit of a tribal feel to it.

For Trisha, we had originally started in a whole different direction. We were going to so something reminiscent of sunshine and we got about halfway through when things went awry. We scrapped the idea and, by that point, it was getting late so we had to do something quick and simple. This is NYC Manhattan with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep stamped from BM-213 for the accent. I'm so glad we ended up doing this. Manhattan really works for Trisha's skin tone and it looks so classy on her. It's a color she usually wouldn't have chosen but it looks great!

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