Monday, September 19, 2016

31DC2016 Day 19 - Galaxies

It's galaxies day! I do galaxy nails every now and again and I feel like they always end up looking exactly the same. I try to do it differently and it either doesn't work at all, or looks like all of the rest. Therefore, for today's prompt, instead of trying to do something different with my galaxy technique, I just chose a specific color scheme.

I wanted to stick mostly with blues with a touch of white. As per usual, the base is black. I used Ulta Little Black Dress. I sponged on a little bit of A England Tristam to add some depth to the background. The rest of the sponging is a random selection of blues and white to create that "nebula" effect. As I always like to do, instead of painting on stars, I sprinkled on some loose white glitter.

This may be one of my favorite galaxy designs that I've done yet!

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