Tuesday, September 27, 2016

31DC2016 Day 27 - Inspired by Art

I have a memory from my childhood of my mother doing this art project with me and my sister. We would take strands of yarn and dip them into paint and lay them onto a piece of paper in squiggly patterns with the ends hanging off of the edge, place another piece of paper on top and then squish them into a book. Then we would pull the yarn out by the ends hanging out of the book. When all the yarn is pulled out and you peel apart the paper sheets, you're left with a really cool and unique painted piece of abstract artwork. 

I thought it would be fun to recreate this as nail art and I am crazy about how it turned out!

I used Butter London Yummy Mummy as the base color. The other two colors are Essie Wicked and Butter London Wallis.

What I ended up doing was painting Yummy Mummy onto a nail art mat in nail sized swatches and letting it dry. I took strands of sewing thread and dipped them into my other two colors. I laid them onto the swatches of Yummy Mummy, pressing a nail stamper on top and pulling out the thread. It worked like a charm and looks amazing!

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