Thursday, September 15, 2016

31DC2016 Day 15 - Flowers

I didn't notice until today that I messed up the prompts. Today's prompt is actually delicate print but I mistakenly did that one yesterday. Yesterday's prompt was supposed to be flowers so I'm doing that one today instead.

A long time ago, I ordered a mystery grab bag type thing from the Born Pretty Store and it was full of water decals and stickers. One set was just a random mish-mosh of flowers, bows, and KITTIES! I thought it was the cutest and since I was feeling a tad lazy today, I decided to use those for today's design.

I laid down a base of NfuOh 62 because I really wanted a holo background for some reason. I added a few of the random flowers to my index, middle, and ring fingers. On my pinky, I threw on a cute little kitten!

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