Sunday, January 4, 2015

ILNP Flakie Gradient

I'm in love. I made my first ever I Love Nail Polish purchase the other day and, when my package came in the mail, I couldn't have been happier. Of course, if I was going to buy something from ILNP, I had to get at least one of the Ultra Chrome Flakies. So, I got two. Man, oh, man! I'm in girls-who-love-sparkle-and-shine heaven!

This is ILNP Electric Carnival. I wanted a dark base but I didn't want black. I used Sally Hansen Pat on the Black, instead. There are two coats on my ring finger and thumb and I sponged a little onto the rest of my tips for a gradient effect. Electric Carnival has the most incredible color shifts. It wasn't easy to catch them all on camera but I tried.

Later on, I was doing laundry and looked down at my nails (for the millionth time) and was wowed all over again. Apparently, the lighting in my laundry room is perfect for flakies!


You'll have to excuse the quality of these two photos. I snapped them with my cell phone. But look at those colors! I definitely need to get my hands on more of these Ultra Chrome Flakies.

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