Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Studded Cling Wrap Marble

One polish I received with my Julep Mystery Box a couple weeks ago was Tyra. Tyra is one of Julep's LE Metamorphic topcoats and I was very excited about it. There were three of them and each one leaned in a different color direction. Tyra was the pink-ish shade. It wasn't my first choice but being that it was a mystery box, I didn't know which one I was getting. Regardless of which one I was getting, I was excited. Well, I thought I'd finally give Tyra a try and see if it was as amazing as I hoped.

Instead of topping one single color with it, I wanted something a little different. I did a cling wrap marble with Zoya Kelly as the base color and a little bit of Barry M Dragonfruit dabbed on and then topped it with Tyra. I used a couple gunmetal colored metal studs to add a little edge.

I was actually a little disappointed with Tyra. All it really did was make Kelly a little purple-y and add a slight (but pretty, nonetheless) glowy pink shimmer. It didn't alter Dragonfruit at all, really. I may still try Tyra over some other colors and see if maybe it looks better and has a stronger effect.

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