Saturday, March 26, 2016

Holo Pond Manicure

It's Spring! How exciting! Now, Spring isn't by any means my favorite season. Fall is. But there's something magical about spring. I love the beginning of spring; the time of year when there's still enough of a chill to wear a light sweater but everything is starting to bloom. It is lovely. 

To celebrate, I slapped together a fun, bright mani to wear. You'll notice that I'm back to square nails. I thought it was time for a change. I'm not sure how I feel about it, though. I'm already missing the round shape...

I only used two polishes for this pond design. Julep Cecile which is a STUNNING turquoise holographic jelly. After each thin coat, I used a large dotting tool and Sally Hansen Hard to Get to make three or four polka dots. I did this about 4 times, I think. 

I adore this technique! It's so very very quick and simple but there is so much depth to this design. 

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