Saturday, September 20, 2014

31dc2014 Day 20 - Water Marble

Let me start by saying that this is my favorite water marble EVER! I spent an absurd amount of time at my nail station doing a ton of trial runs and experiments but what I ended up with is awesome!

I love combining nail art techniques together. For instance, my water marble color block manicure. For today's prompt, I wanted to combine water marbling with yet another nail art technique; gradients! The idea was to marble with a clear nail polish to let the gradient peek through.

The gradient is done in Julep Katie and Julep India. I wish I had snapped a photo of the gradient because it was just stunning on its own. 

Now, here's where the experimentation came in. I needed a clear polish that would spread enough to marble with. Unfortunately, both of my clear top coats dried too fast to work. Then, I tried some clear glitter toppers. They didn't work either. I also tried matte top coats and that's when I found a clear winner! (See what I did there?!? Ha ha!) NYC Matte Me Crazy, it was! I marbled with that and Sally Hansen Black Out and it was wonderful! Hubby's response was, "That looks bad ass." Yay! I also played around a bit afterward...

This is with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust because it perfectly masks any bubbling or slight imperfections in a water marble.

And this is with a coat of Julep's Matte Top Coat. I love all three stages of this design so very, very much.


  1. I´m a begginer in nail art, and I can't imagine how you did this, but it looks AWESOME!! congratulations!

    1. Thanks! Water marbling is actually quite easy. It just takes some time and patience. There are some amazing video tutorials on YouTube that you can check out.