Wednesday, September 3, 2014

31dc2014 Day 3 - yellow

Fun fact: THIS IS MY 300th POST!!!!!! Wahoo!!!

Not so fun fact: I had a nasty break today so I'm down to suuuuper shorties.

So, I went into this day of the challenge knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I had this whole plan laid down and my tools set out and my colors chosen. Yeah, I didn't do any of it. Initially, I was going to do a Spongebob Squarepants inspired manicure. Bright yellow nails with green spots and Spongebob's face as an accent. At the last minute, I decided to use a lighter shade of yellow. I slapped that on and thought, "I've already done Spongebob nail art. Maybe I should do something different." In the end I decided to just go simple and pretty.

The yellow is Julep Blake. It's just a smidge lighter in person. It's almost like a powdery neon, if that makes any sense. Very pretty. I used some 3d nail art decals I picked up at Five Below several months ago. They're black and silver which contrasts nicely with the yellow. 

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