Tuesday, September 9, 2014

31dc2014 Day 9 - Rainbow

I was very excited for this day of the 31 day challenge because my original plan was to do tie dye nails. The more I planned it out, though, the harder it seemed it might be to do. I knew I would use dry marbling to create the effect. But to have the amount of colors I wanted, on top of the already large amount of polish you need on your nails to get a good marbling, I knew that the drying time would be ridiculous. Then, an idea popped into my head! Why not DIY rainbow dry marble nail stickers?! BRILLIANT!

The final product is pretty killer...

...at least I think so! I used five colors for this; Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune, Julep Tammi (Chartreuse), Julep Kirti (Orange), Julep Joyce (Red), and Julep Katie (Orchid).

Basically, all I did was paint stripes of the polishes onto a plastic bag and swirl them with a needle. Once that dried, I very carefully peeled it off and cut it into nail-sized pieces. I painted my nails with a coat of clear polish and when it was semi-dry, placed the nail stickers. After I removed the excess with cuticle scissors and acetone, I sealed it with top coat! SO PRETTY!

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