Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dry Spotted?

I think I've discovered a new technique for myself! Well, I was trying to figure out something quick I could do with my nails. I had just grabbed two of the new Funky Fingers Electric Neons (which are amazing!) and thought that they worked very well together. I tried something new and LOVE the end result...

Let me start off by saying that the polish colors are NOT true to life in this photo. I tried editing the photo to adjust them but just couldn't get it right so I left it as-is. 

Getting this look was SUPER simple and very quick. I painted my nails with a coat of Drop The Bass (which is a neon orange with a golden-yellow shimmer that makes it almost glow). Working one nail at a time, I painted another, very thick, coat of Drop the Bass. While it was still very wet, I added drops of my second color. The second color is Let the Beat Drop which is a bright blue,that leans more toward the purple side, with a lovely pinkish-purple shimmer. The drops "melted" out and into each other and created some fun shapes. 

As some of you know, one look that I am fond of is water spotting. As with any water-based design, it is very time-consuming and extremely messy. I think this looks very similar and was far easier to do. This is definitely something I'll be doing again!


  1. Great colors! I will try this definitely :)

  2. If they were green, the new tecnique could be "ninja turtles spotted" hahaha.