Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day

Well known fact: Hubby and I are HUGE baseball fans. As a matter of fact, most of Michigan (especially here in the Detroit Metro area) loves baseball. Most of us really believe that Opening Day should be a national holiday. Seriously, it's one of the most exciting days of the year, for us.

To commemorate Opening Day 2014, of course I had to do a baseball inspired manicure!

I wanted an instantly recognizable baseball design but I was really in the mood for some sparkle. I used Sally Hansen Celeb City on my middle and ring fingers and wrote "play ball" in Sally Hansen Black Out. The baseballs are done in Sally Hansen White On and Art Club Red. On my index finger, I created a miniature home plate (complete with batter's box) which I modeled after home plate at Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers! For that I used NYC High Line Green, Sally Hansen White On, and Julep Jill. Jill is a textured polish and I thought that would be a fun way to mimic the dirt that they use on the field!

Clearly, I need to practice my fine detail work and my lettering, but I love this. It's sparkles, nail art, and baseball all rolled into one! Who wouldn't love that?!

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