Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mardi Gras

Although Mardi Gras isn't until Tuesday, I thought I'd post my Mardi Gras nail art today, instead. Living in Michigan, Mardi Gras isn't nearly as big a deal as it is down south. I still love it, though. Honestly, I mostly love the colors. Ha ha. There's something about Mardi Gras colors that just says party!

I spent quite some time deciding what design to do and couldn't settle on just one. So, I threw a bunch together into one fun and festive manicure!

The three colors I used are Butter London The Full Monty (gold), Wet n Wild Disturbia (purple), and ULTA Envy.

I started with The Full Monty on all of my nails. On my pinky finger and thumb, I did a fan-brush French tip in Disturbia and Envy, respectively. On my ring finger, I used dotting tools to make Mardi Gras "beads" in different sizes. I did a three color gradient on my index finger. On my middle finger, which happens to be my favorite design, I taped off a design using striping tape. Instead of doing straight lines, I put a curve in them. This can cause the tape to not lie completely flat so a little bit of clean-up may be necessary. 

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