Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Glimmer of Spring

Yesterday, us Michiganders had a gorgeous day. It was warm (to us) and sunny. Everyone was riding around with their windows down, myself included, and in t-shirts and sunglasses. Yes, there may still be several feet of snow on the ground but it was good enough for us. Now, it's cooling down and they're calling for six inches of snow. Nature likes to play with our emotions. 

To immortalize our beautiful day and to invite the real Spring to come soon, I did a little neon floral nail art!

I used ORLY High on Hope for the base. I love the unique shade of blue and the pink shimmer! I made the flowers using a dotting tool and ORLY Fancy Fuchsia (it matches the sparkle). The centers of the flowers are Funky Fingers Highlighter.

What a fun, springy manicure!

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