Sunday, March 9, 2014

What a week!

This last week has been...something else. Honestly, it's been pretty rough. I had an allergic reaction last weekend to an unknown something. Then, at work I had a reaction to a chemical at work. I also had some car trouble that ended in unexpected expenses. I burned my left thumb at work. It wasn't the WORST burn I could have gotten. Just a minor second degree burn...ON MY CUTICLE! It's hideous. Luckily, it's just out of sight in my photos. Lastly, I had a major break which meant that I had to chop all of my nails down. :/

Today's mani is something quick and simple that I had to throw together out of necessity. Basically, my nails were naked and I was pressed for time. Ha ha!

I chose the colors based on my outfit today. I used Sally Hansen Twisted Pink to match my pink top. To match my gray pants, I used Zoya Kelly. Twisted Pink is the base color on all of my nails. I wanted to do a cling wrap marble but the cleanup would have been horrendous on my burn. So I did a simple polka dot accent on my thumb and ring finger and marbled the rest of my nails. 

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