Sunday, January 13, 2013


I started off doing a water marble design tonight, but it was NOT working out for me. I kept bumping the cup and ruining the design right before I stuck my finger in. Or, I would scrape my finger along the side of the cup on the way out, scraping off most of the design. It was so frustrating. So, I scrapped it and started over. I still wanted all four of the colors I was using, but I went with something simpler and far less tedious.

I started off with a coat of Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. Then, I taped off sections and painted them using OPI Purple With a Purpose, Love & Beauty Green, and OPI Blue My Mind. Because my camera sucks, especially with blues and purples, you can't quite see the brilliance of these colors here. Blue My Mind is a vibrant electric blue with a hint of shimmer. Purple With a Purpose is a gorgeous royal purple. Love & Beauty Green is a beautiful emerald green loaded with shimmer. The three colors really play well against each other and the silver.

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