Saturday, January 12, 2013


Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that my favorite book of all time is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. So, naturally, my favorite Disney movie is Alice In Wonderland. (This is going somewhere. I promise.) 

I was craving a new manicure but could not figure out what I wanted to do. I sat there, looking at my polishes for, literally, half an hour. Then, I glanced over at my flocking powders. The fuchsia and purple were lying there next to each other and it hit me! Cheshire Cat stripes!

Aren't they great? Such fuzziness! I just happened to have coordinating colors on hand, too. OPI Planks a Lot and OPI That's Berry Daring. Then, it's just some tape cut all wavy-like and let the fluffiness begin!

I think this manicure can best be described by Agnes from Despicable Me. "It's so fluffy!!! I'm gonna die!!!" :D It's not necessarily the most practical manicure and fuzzy nails feel weird but it looks FANTASTIC!!!

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