Saturday, December 20, 2014

Festive Striped French

It's almost here; are you excited? I'm not as into Christmas as a lot of people are but there are some things I love about it. One thing the gift-giving. I don't care so much about receiving them but I love giving them. Mostly because I think I'm great at it. I don't ask people what they want for Christmas. I like to find that perfect gift all on my own and I DO NOT give gift cards. I'm especially excited about the gifts I got my friends and family this year. I think I've really nailed it. I also LOVE wrapping presents. 

Today's Christmas design is something simple and sparkly and it reminds me of pretty Christmas wrapping. 

The gold color is Butter London The Full Monty. I only used one coat because I wanted a light, sheer gold base. I stamped the stripes in Sally Hansen Rapid Red from BM-423. Then I added French tips in Color Club Ho Ho Holly which is pine scented! 

What a fun holiday manicure! It's like pretty wrapping paper and sparkly green ribbon!

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