Sunday, December 28, 2014

Matte Gradient with Flakies!

I was organizing my polishes a bit today (I have them sorted by brand, usually, but they always get disorganized over time.) and I came across Sally Hansen Slick Slate. I haven't used it in ages but I don't know why because I love it so much! It was just sitting there next to Sally Hansen Pat on the Black and I thought, "Wouldn't those just make a lovely gradient?"

I couldn't leave it that simple so I topped it with Nubar 2010, since I haven't used that one in a while either. I adore the way matte top coats bring out flakies so I threw on some China Glaze Matte Magic, too! So pretty! It looks pretty great without the matte, though...

I really don't know which I like better!

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