Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pretty Pink Tentacles

I had TWO nails break in the last two days. BOTH of them broke straight across. I took that as a sign to switch back to a square nail shape. I also had to go super short, thanks to those breaks. 

To take my mind off of how stumpy my nails are, I wanted something fun and bright on them. Bright colors make me happy and octopuses are my favorite animal. So I grabbed my stamping plates, a couple of happy colored nail polishes, and created some simple nail art with an octopus theme. 

The white is Sally Hansen White On and the Pink is Sally Hansen Flashy Fuchsia. Both of the stamps are from BM-401. With the simplicity of the octopus and tentacle stamps, I didn't want anything flashy on the other nails to distract from the cuteness. Simple gradients were the answer. 

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