Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Julep Wanderlust

The other day, I showed you some of the polishes from Julep's new Wanderlust collection. Well, The rest of the colors are just as amazing, plus there's a glitter that's just to die for. Once again, I chose to use a bunch all at once. Specifically, all four of the remaining polishes from the collection.

Let's start by talking about the glitter. It's called Tazeen and it's amazing. Full coverage in 1-2 coats. Just so pretty. Gold and silver glitters and it dries surprisingly quick. Now, onto the other colors. I laid down a base of Waleska on my pinky, middle, and index fingers. I did some dry spotting on my middle and index fingers with Joyce (red) and Avni (purple). 

This is definitely my favorite collection that Julep has created. There isn't a single polish that I don't love and the formula on each is amazing.

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