Sunday, August 17, 2014

Neon Watercolor Skittles

I know I've mentioned my pets a few times. One of them is our Corgi puppy, Oswin. He just turned seven months! Anyway, he got neutered yesterday and it's just the saddest thing. He has to wear one of those cone collars and, since his little legs are so short, it makes him so clumsy! He doesn't hold his head high enough so the collar gets caught on the ground and he trips over it. He's also mopes around because he isn't allowed to jump and run around. 

Sad puppy! Aww...

Meanwhile, my nails!

I wanted to do some watercolor using neons. All of my Funky Finger neons, specifically. Since they make a nice neon rainbow, I thought I'd do skittles nails to show them off.

So, the base color is, of course, Sally Hansen White On. Nothing makes a neon pop quite like a good white base. The colors used for the watercolor are Funky Fingers Riot, Power Play, Atomic Poppy, Aloha!, Like Clockwork, and Highlighter. Of course, I needed glitter so I topped it all with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

My poor camera cannot handle the brightness but know that these nails practically glow. Especially in direct sunlight.


  1. ohh your puppy! hope he´s now ok!!
    I never know how to wear neon colors, but this is a great idea! Did you do it with a sponge?
    In Argentina, where I live, Sally Hansen polishes have recently arrived, I'll try the one you mentioned
    Thanks for sharing this inspirational nail art posts!

    1. Sally Hansen White On is my go-to white nail polish. It makes a great base for neon nail polishes.

      To do the water color, I dabbed on small spots of nail polish and used a paint brush dipped in acetone to water down the nail polish and spread it around.

      I'm glad you enjoy the design. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out!