Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mint and Navy Dry Marble

I snatched up a bottle of Sally Hansen Green Tea yesterday. I have a few mint green polishes already but none of them are that perfect shade that I've been looking for. Some are too blue, some are too green, and some are WAY too sheer. Well, Green Tea is the one. I knew after seeing swatches and reviews on other blogs that I needed to buy it one day and when I saw it at CVS yesterday, I jumped at the chance. 

I knew I wanted to use Green Tea today but I couldn't decide what color(s) I wanted to pair it with. I went back and forth between something in the mauve family and something purple. Eventually, I did what I usually do and picked the color of the shirt I will be wearing tomorrow. (It's a weird system, I know, but it works for me.) So, navy blue it was!

I chose Julep Kristy as my blue and I think it pairs with Green Tea gorgeously. I did a dry marble because I wanted something flowy looking, if that makes sense.

I really love Green Tea. I think it has the perfect formula and opacity. And I love the brush on Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure polishes. It's a winner for me!

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