Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Corgi Love

Ever since I got my new puppy, Oswin, I've been a little obsessed. He's just so darn cute! I have taken a million photos and videos and I show them off to anyone who will let me. I just can't help it! 

Call me biased, but I think Corgis are just the cutest dogs ever. With their short little legs and their giant ears...and don't even get me started on their butts. If you aren't familiar with them, do a Google image search for Corgi butts and be prepared to squee. Ugh, they're just PRECIOUS!!!

Well, what better way is there to express my obsession with Corgis than with my obsession with nail art?

The base color is Julep Kennedy, which I did not care for when I first got it but I now love. I used Picture Polish Voodoo for the heart and a Sally Hansen nail art pen to make the corgi silhouette. (I know it looks more like a donkey without a tail, but I still love it.) I topped everything with China Glaze Fairy Dust simply because I haven't used it in a while. :)

Is anyone else as in love with their Corgi as I am with mine?

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