Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pretty X

I have a collection of nail decals that I have had for months without using yet. Every time I go to use them, I go in another direction with my nail design. That happened today. One set of the decals is an assortment of gold designs; skulls, lightning, etc. I decided to use them and chose coral and gold (my favorite color combo including gold) with a black accent (to make the decals pop) as my color scheme. 

I used Butter London The Full Monty as my base. Once that dried, I taped off an x with striping tape. I used Sally Hansen Black Out on the triangles at my tips and Butter London Trout Pout on the other three. 

And that's it. I ended up loving this so much that I decided not to use the decals, after all. Ha ha! Maybe some other time.

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