Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sparkly Funky French

Sometimes, you're in the mood for a classic. Sometimes, you're also in the mood for something funky. And you are almost always in the mood for sparkles! Right? Maybe it's just me. Those are the moods that struck me when I created this mani. Luckily, I was also in a hurry so this was a breeze to come up with AND to execute!

I chose Ulta XOXO for the base color because I love the combination of the pretty pink jelly with the holo sparkles. I'm always down for holo! For the tips, I wanted a strong contrast, both in color and finish, so I chose China Glaze Avalanche. I like the look of the metallic purple with the squishy pink jelly A LOT!

This is a great design for anyone who really likes jelly polishes but isn't a big fan of a visible nail line. Add a simple french tip in a nice opaque polish; whether it be a metallic, like this one, or a cream, or a textured polish for something really funky!

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