Monday, May 26, 2014

Double Stamped

It struck me today that I haven't done any stamping in such a long time. I'm not sure why. I love stamping. It's frustrating and I'm not terribly good at it, but it's still fun. So, to make up for it, I thought I'd do some stamped nail art today. For a fun twist, I decided to stamp the same design on each nail...twice!

I wanted something that would pop so I started with a white base; BK Matt White, to be specific. I chose an all-over design from BM-418 and two Julep nail colors; Marion (teal) and Janel (fuschia). I didn't want the stamps to line up perfectly (not that I could have made them if I even DID want to) because I wanted to be able to see the two colors individually. I like the effect a lot. It has almost a 3D feel. It needed some sparkle and I reached for my usual glitter, China Glaze Fairy Dust. At the last second, I decided to stick with my Julep theme and used Camille, instead! I'm glad I did!

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