Wednesday, September 25, 2013

31DC2013 Day 25 - Inspired by fashion

This prompt is so intimidating. There is nearly NO END to what you can choose from as your inspiration. I spent over an hour surfing the webs and then I saw the most amazing outfit by Betsey Johnson (whom I love) and had to use it! It's bright, colorful, and playful. Just like Betsey!

 This is the look that inspired this manicure.

I was originally going to do a watercolor technique but I decided to try something new. I made small, diluted (with acetone) puddles of nail polish on my work surface and used a sponge to apply the diluted polish to my nails. I feel like it turned out nicely and it was super easy.

I used Sally Hansen White On as the base color on all of my nails. For my accent nail, I used Funky Fingers Aloha and let it dry while I worked on the rest of my nail. The colors I used for the sponged spots are Julep Charlie, Funky Fingers Atomic Poppy, Art Club Technicolor Doll, NYC High Line Green, and Sally Hansen Blue Me Away. After top coating all of my nails and letting them dry to the touch, I used a needle to make diagonal ridges in my accent nails to mimic the vest.

This was really fun to do and I think it's something I will definitely add to my nail art technique arsenal!

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