Sunday, June 23, 2013

Neon Mess

Funny story about this manicure. I was bored. I turned on Netflix and pulled out a bunch of nail polish. I saw four neon Art Club polishes and decided to play with them. I striped my nails with them over and over, alternating colors, until I had completely painted my nails. (By the way, that takes a while with nail polish with a striping brush.) I looked at it when I was done, and realized that it was kinda cool and marble-like. I decided to keep it on mostly because it took me forever but also because it was late. I slapped on some China Glaze Fairy Dust, then Seche Vite, and went to bed. 

The next day, when I looked at my nails, I hated them! I hated them for several hours, actually. But, maybe 12 hours after painting my nails, I started to like them. The effect was just so unique. There are so many techniques for nail marbling but none of them achieve a look like this. Later, I looked at the photographs that I took and it looks even better in the pictures than in real life.

 It's amazing how sometimes a mess can turn out to be something you love.

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