Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Love Marbling

There are a lot of nail art designs and techniques that I love to do. Marbling is way up there on that list and there are many different marbling techniques. I must say, though, that when I'm in a lazy mood (which happens quite often) but I still want an eye-catching manicure, cling wrap marbling is my favorite right now. It's super super simple and quick but it has such a unique finish!

I used all Funky Fingers colors for this because... well, because I'm a little obsessed with them. They don't have the best formula or application, but the colors are just killer. For the base of my marble, I used NYC French White Tip because my first color, Like Clockwork, is a neon yellow-orange. Once Like Clockwork had dried, I applied a thick coat of Aloha and used wadded up cling wrap to take off some of the color. Afterwards, I used the same cling wrap to dab on a little bit of Riot to add some contrast. Lastly, I slapped on some China Glaze Fairy Dust because I can. Ha ha. I just love that glitter and I want to put it on EVERYTHING!

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