Friday, June 21, 2013


Now...I don't like hockey. I actually can't stand hockey. Living in the Detroit area, though, I hear about hockey ALL THE TIME. Also, my little sister in Tennessee is now a Bruins fan and, like any Bostonian (though she isn't one), she is getting pretty serious about her hockey.

Well, while talking to her on the phone today and looking for a nail art idea. She suggested hockey nails. Rather, she said, "Do Bruins nails." I didn't have any better ideas, so I went with it.

The only colors I used were Butter London The Full Monty, Sally Hansen Black Out, and NYC French White Tip. Now, tool-wise, I used several nail art brushes, toothpicks, dotting tools, etc. It took quite a while, but I kinda like it.

This isn't something I would usually do because, as I said, I hate hockey. Little sis wanted it, though, so I was perfectly fine with doing it. It ;)

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