Monday, September 28, 2015

31DC2015 Days 23-28 : Yikes!

I fell a little behind in the challenge. Six days behind. It wasn't for no reason though. Life got in the way and the challenge had to take a backseat. It's okay though, because you know what I did? I did a nail art marathon and knocked out all six designs! Wahoo! I may have rushed through some of the designs and they aren't my best work, I'll be honest. But some of them turned out great and I loved them. So, let's get into this because this is going to be a loooong post!

Day 23 : Inspired by a movie

I chose the Harry Potter movies for this prompt. I had initially chosen Harry Potter for the book prompt but I found another book I wanted to use (which I ended up changing anyway) so I switched it to the movie prompt. Aaaannnyway... I chose the Hogwarts Houses as my inspirations. One nail is dedicated to each house and is done in the house colors. For Gryffindor (index finger) I used Nina Ultra Pro Hot Date for the base and Revlon Hypnotize for the G. For Hufflepuff (middle finger) I used Wet n Wild D'Oh! for the base and Kleancolor Metallic Black for the H. For Ravenclaw (ring finger) I used OPI Blue My Mind for the base and a custom mix of polishes for the R. For Slitherin (pinky finger) I used Ulta Envy for the base and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep for the S. 

Day 24 : Inspired by a Book

As I said, I was going to do Harry Potter for this prompt. Then I decided on a different book. Then i started my design and realized that I was doing just a terrible job. So I changed my book again. I picked Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss, which I almost used for this prompt two years ago. I used Sally Hansen White on for the base color. I freehanded the Oobleck with black acrylic paint. I painted in the Oobleck with OPI Color Paints in Landscape Artist. I was going for a Seuss-y cartoon look and I LOVE THE WAY IT TURNED OUT!

Day 25 : Inspired by Fashion

For the fashion prompt, I came very close to doing another Betsey Johnson design. But I thought I should try something different. So I chose this design from Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2016 Ready-to-wear collection. I liked it immediately and had to recreate it. I used Sally Hansen White On for the base and black acrylic paint for the brush strokes.

Day 26 : Inspired by a Pattern

For the pattern prompt, I like to just search for fun patterns through Google and choose the first one that really catches my eye. I came across the above pattern and loved it. I used Sally Hansen White On for the base (noticing a trend?) and Julep Coco for the stripes and spots. I made the stripes a bit thicker than I should have and the spots a bit too close so it's a bit more muddled looking than the original, but I still like it. I think I got the color just right, though!

Day 27 : Inspired by Artwork

For the artwork prompt this year, I perused for some inspiration. There really are some amazing pieces on that site! It didn't take me long to find this gem and get to work. I used (surprise!) Sally Hansen White On for the base. I used a striping brush and Julep Kristy to draw out the blocks. I then used OPI Color Paints in Turquoise Aesthetic and Indigo Motif to color all of them in. To get the different shades, I diluted the colors with clear nail polish.

Day 28 : Inspired by a Flag

I weirdly wanted to use a fictional flag for today's prompt. I don't know why. I thought about it for quite some time and finally decided on the Irken Flag from Invader Zim. 

I took some creative liberties with the colors of the flag. Frankly, I wanted it to be pink so I used ORLY Oh Cabana Boy for the base and Julep Charlotte for the details. 

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