Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Super Girlie Nails!

A few months ago, I did some nail art that reminded me of Lisa Frank. If you are a girl who was in elementary/middle school in the 80s or 90s, you should know all about Lisa Frank. Super brightly colored school supplies and stickers covered in cutesy animals with hearts and glitter. I loved it. Every girl had a Lisa Frank sticker collection. Well, when I found a Lisa Frank section at Five Below the other day, I squealed with joy. Seriously. I squealed. I saw a sheet of Lisa Frank glitter temporary tattoos and had to get it (along with some other stuff!). 

Here's the beautiful thing about temporary tattoos; they work just like water decals for nail art!

I used Sally Hansen White On for the base. I used temporary tattoos on my thumb, ring finger, and middle finger. For my pinky and index finger, I used some different shaped nail decorations I found at (where else?) Five Below. Honestly, that place has quickly become one of my favorite stores.

Temporary tattoos are a little bit trickier to use than water decals. The main difference is obviously the size. Water decals are meant for nail art, so they are sized to fit your nails. Most temporary tattoos are much larger. Luckily, they can be easily trimmed to fit and anything that extends past your nail bed can be removed easily. 

The other issue you may face is placement. Water decals generally have the outline of the design on the backing so that you can easily see where the design will be. Not so with temporary tattoos. You may end up with crooked/off centered designs. Fret not! You can very easily remove them from your nail with rubbing alcohol! Just don't forget to seal it all in and protect it with a top coat when you're done!

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