Sunday, December 4, 2016

Musical Pond Mani

I was playing around with my OPI ColorPaints and decided to do a pond manicure. I wanted to experiment a little, though, and see how well it would work with stamped images. It turns out that it works quite well.

The ColorPaint I chose is Turquoise Aesthetic. I used Julep Brigitte and Pueen stamping plate #62 to stamp the musical notes. I removed a lot of the notes with a lint roller before stamping them onto my nails, though. I only stamped on about three notes per layer and topped them with a  coat of TA. I did that three times, I think and then added a last few musical notes and keeping them uncovered. At the last second, I chose to top it off with a coat of FUN Lacquer Diamond holo topcoat.

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