Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Drip Marble

We're just days away from Christmas which means that I'm just days away from seeing my family. Almost as excitingly I get to see their faces when they open their gifts. Usually, I have to send my gift to them and I miss them being opened. Last year, I made them video tape it and send it to us. Seeing it in person will be so much better. I love giving gifts and I love seeing people's reactions. It's my favorite thing about Christmas and birthdays. \

Anyway, on to today's Christmas nail art. I wanted to do some marbling so I thought I would try out a drip marble.

I used Revlon Hypnotize and Kiss Nail Art Paint in White and made the drip marble decals on my UberChic nail art mat. They turned out so well and I really dig the finished look.

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