Thursday, December 8, 2016

Flakies, Gradients, & Holo

Have you ever started doing your nails and you can't stop just adding more and more until you realize that you may have gone overboard? Yeah, I tend to do that. A lot. You know what, though? Sometimes more is more. Right?

Okay, so I started out by sponging on Nubar 2010 because that's my favorite method of application for a flakie polish. I topped that off with a rainbow gradient. The polishes used for that are (of course) OPI ColorPaints: Magenta Muse, Chromatic Orange, Primarily Yellow, Landscape Artist, Indigo Motif, and Purple Perspective. Over the gradient I stamped a fun, swirly design from a Born Pretty stamping plate (BP-L003) in Julep Rebel. Let's not discuss the terrible job I did on my middle finger there. Deal?

I did snap a photo of just the flakie gradient combination because the ColorPaints are a dream for gradients. <3

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