Sunday, August 16, 2015

Born Pretty Review

It's review time! Today I'm sharing another Born Pretty Store nail art product.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

You can find these metal 3D cutouts here. They come in either gold or silver. I obviously got the silver option. You get 12 different patterns and a total of 48 pieces which are also in varying sizes. Some of them have a smooth finish and some look almost "crimped." They are quite easy to use as you just stick them into wet nail polish or attach them with nail glue (which is what I did).

To create this look I started with a base of Nina Ultra Pro Caribbean Blue. It was quite sheer so I needed three coats. I taped off some striped designs on my index, middle, and ring fingers and used Nina Ultra Pro Purple-xing over top. I did not know that Purple-xing was a textured polish as the bottle does not say it is. I really like it, though. It's a gorgeous purple glitter.

I chose a small star cutout for this design. I just used nail glue to attach it to my middle finger. I really like the way that it looks. This shape is very cute and fun but some of the other shapes have a more elegant feel. They are definitely reusable so you can get many many uses out of them.

I like the way that these cutouts look. They are simple and pretty. Unfortunately, there are some things I don't like:

1. You only get 4 of each design. 
2. They are completely flat so they do not sit flush on curved nails. They are also too hard to bend. I tried making them curve a little but it did not work. Because of this, they do catch a bit and do not last on the nail terribly long.
3. The thicknesses are not consistent. Some are thin but some are nearly twice as thick. This makes designs not look very uniform and the thick ones don't look as nice, in my opinion.

Overall, I will continue to use some of these because they do look very nice on the nail. I will not repurchase, however.

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