Sunday, August 30, 2015

Born Pretty Review

Born Pretty Store review time! I'm super excited about this product because it's something that can help cut the time in your nail art routine! Peel off barrier!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

This peel off barrier can be found here. It's a 15ml bottle with a nail polish style brush. The brush is, in my opinion, the perfect length and width. It's long enough to wield easily, wide enough that it doesn't take forever to apply, but not too wide that you can't get into small areas. It is a glue based product so it does take a few minutes to dry.

Let's talk about my nails and then get more into the product.

I wanted to try it out on a couple different types of designs that a barrier could come in handy. I did gradients and water marbling. You could also use this for stamping but I wanted to try out the messiest designs. 

The gradient on my index finger and the marbling on my thumb and middle finger are done with OPI My Gecko Does Tricks and Color Club Sky High. The gradient on my pinky and the marbling on my ring finger are done with Sally Hansen Sunny Side Up and Color Club Wing Fling. After laying down my base colors, I coated the skin surrounding my nails with the glue. Once it was completely dry I started with the gradients and marbling. 

I did the gradients first. When I finished each one, and before top coating, I removed the glue with tweezers. It came off in one piece very easily which made cleanup such a snap.

The watermarbling was a slightly different story. It started out similarly. I laid down the base color, coated the surrounding skin with glue, waited for it to dry, and got to work. Everything went great until it came time to peel. Being a glue based product, dipping my fingers in the water completely re-liquified the glue. I had to wait for it to dry all over again. When it dried, I used the same tweezers to peel but it was not easy. The glue did not want to come off. It ripped and tore and took me about four times as long as the gradient nails. I guess it was still better than using a ton of drying acetone but it definitely didn't save any time. 

Overall, I like the product. I will never use it for water-based techniques but for gradients or stamping it is great. 

You can get this or any number of other nail art products from and use my coupon code VWL91 for 10% off!

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